Andrew T. Austin is the developer of Integral Eye Movement Therapy and is the director of The Association for IEMT Practitioners Ltd.  He has been teaching eye movement therapies since 2005.

For all trainings offered online, all recordings and additional materials will be available to participants for one year after the training via login on this site. Please note that these recordings will not be made available for non-participants.

The following training courses will be offered from 2022:

  • Eye Movement Integration (EMI) Practitioner
  • Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) Practitioner
  • Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) Advanced Practitioner
  • PTSD Treatment with IEMT (Details)
  • Phobia Treatment with IEMT and EMI
  • ARFID (selective eating disorder) treatment with IEMT
  • Deliberate Self Harm (DSH) management and treatment with IEMT and EMI
  • Management of chronic pain with IEMT (Details)
  • Law and Ethics for Therapists
  • Psychotherapy Models and Core Concepts for Therapists and Coaches